Peerparty pilot w/ Hackers & Designers

Peerparty a project developed @ Pubkey looking to address current polarizing online discourse in our society by exposing moments of consensus in conversations on complicated subjects online concluded it’s first successful 1 week pilot with Hackers & Designers this week.

Peerparty publishes the moments of consensus from the curated and hosted discussions on it’s blog.

Peerparty is a publishing and community platform approach leveraging consensus as a discourse mechanism for online threaded conversations. Current platforms and methodologies leverage traditional “majority wins” democratic voting mechanisms where only the most popular opinions by select influencers gain exposure, see Reddit (, Hacker News (, etc..

The hypothesis is that such algorithms have bred a divisive culture of extremist statements from a few highly influential individuals distancing participant positions from one another, and that a consensus based algorithm is a viable alternative.

The Peerparty algorithmic approach looks for moments in threaded conversation where consensus has occurred, and alternatively brings these comments to the top of conversation threads. The algorithm is based on consensus and inspired simultaneously by digital algorithms like paxos, flat hierarchical social organizational structures like occupy, holacracy and sociocracy, anarchist philosophy, the squatting movement and the Dutch polder model.

JBG, Sun 19 Apr 2020 05:23:32 PM CEST